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ICMA European Repo and Collateral Council Annual General Meeting
Date and Venue

20 March 2017
Time: 12.30-17.00

Selnaustrasse 30
8001 Zurich

Event Overview

The ICMA European Repo and Collateral Council (ERCC) is the industry representative body that fashions consensus solutions to emerging, practical issues that can develop in the rapidly evolving European repo market.

The ERCC Annual General Meeting provides a good opportunity to hear about the various issues that the market is currently facing and the steps being taken to address these. Three issues in particular were the focus of this year’s event:

  1. The evolving role of the buy-side in the European repo market, including a presentation from PGGM, one of the large buy-side firms active in repo.
  2. Repo market conditions in Europe: A short ERCC study - What happened with the repo market at year-end and why?
  3. Key challenges in repo and collateral operations, building up on the substantial work undertaken by the ERCC Operations Group.

To view the presentations from the event, please click here.

Presentations given at previous meetings, including the minutes from the last AGM held in January 2016 can be found here.

This event was hosted by SIX Repo AG.

Monday 20, March 2017

12.30 Registration, Light Lunch, Tea & Coffee  
1.    Welcome
Mr. Martin Scheck, Chief Executive of ICMA, will provide some introductory remarks.

2.    Remarks by the Chairman of ICMA’s ERCC Committee
Mr. Godfried De Vidts, Chairman of ICMA’s ERCC Committee, will provide an overview of recent developments.

3.    European Repo Market: Views from the buy-side
Mr. Paul van de Moosdijk, Senior Treasury Manager, PGGM, will present his views on the latest developments in the European Repo market from a buy-side perspective.

4.    Results of the 32nd semi-annual repo survey
Mr. Richard Comotto will report on the results of the latest semi-annual repo survey.

5.    Repo market conditions in Europe: What happened with the repo market at year-end and why?
Mr. Andy Hill will present the key findings from a short ERCC study on the conditions in the European Repo market around year-end 2016.

6.    Legal update
Ms. Lisa Cleary will provide a legal update, including updates on the Corporate Annex to the GMRA and coverage of the GMRA 1995 in the ICMA legal opinion.

7.    Development of a new repo index
Mr. Alberto Lopez will provide an update about the work undertaken by the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) in the development of a pan-European repo index

8.    The updated Guide to Best Practice in the European repo market
Mr. Sylvain Bojic will introduce an updated version of the ERCC Guide to Best Practice in the European repo market, published on 14 February.

9.    Regulatory update
Mr. David Hiscock will provide an update on the recent regulatory developments impacting the Repo Market.

10.    Key challenges in repo and collateral operations
Mr. Nicholas Hamilton, Co-Chair of the ERCC Operations Group, will provide an update on the substantial work of the ERCC Operations Group over the past months to help streamline repo operations and tackle upcoming regulatory challenges.

This will be followed by a panel discussion focused on the challenges with the upcoming EU SFT Regulation:

Mr. Richard Comotto, Senior Visiting Fellow, ICMA Centre

Mr. Adam Bate, Executive Director, ISG Product Operations, Morgan Stanley
Mr. Jonathan Lee, EMEA FI Regulatory Reporting Manager, JP Morgan
Mr. John Kernan, Head of Product Management, REGIS-TR
Mr. John Abel, Co-Founder and CEO of TR, Abide Financial
Mr. John Cummins, Senior Manager Corporate Development, SIX Group

11.    Any other business and next meetings

Drinks Reception

Event Close

Please note that this programme is subject to change.

Keynote: The revised ICMA Primary Market Handbook

David Hopkins, Managing Director, Head of DCM Legal, RBS

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