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  • Quarterly briefing call for ICMA members, Q2 2017
Quarterly briefing call for ICMA members, Q2 2017
ICMA members joined us for our quarterly briefing call to discuss aspects of ICMA’s work programme which feature in our latest Quarterly Report of 06 April 2017.

The call took place at on Thursday 20 April and lasted for around one hour.

The call was introduced by Martin Scheck, ICMA’s Chief Executive and the briefing was provided by ICMA’s market practice and regulatory policy team on the following topics:
  • Capital market fragmentation and Brexit: Paul Richards
  • G20 regulatory reforms: David Hiscock
  • The euro repo market break-down over the year-end: Andy Hill
  • MiFID II implementation:
      - product governance: Ruari Ewing
      - the Systematic Internaliser regime: Liz Callaghan
      - research unbundling: Patrik Karlsson
  • Bail-in: Katie Kelly
  • Green bond markets: Nicholas Pfaff
  • SFTR: Alex Westphal

The recording of the call is now available.